Artistic Team

  • Performance and choregraphy:
  • Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton
  • Substitute performer:
  • Audrey Dionis
  • Light design and scenography:
  • Gautier Teuscher
  • Photographer:
  • Raphaëlle Mueller
  • Video:
  • L’Abri Genève
  • Performative installation of approximately 3 hours.
    4-5 minutes per group

1. Enter alone or with friends
2. Close the door
3. Choose your music
4. Press PLAY
5. Exit after 1 song

Each group enters a darkened space where only a computer proposes an interaction. The door closes and a light system, directly linked to the volume of the sound, makes the two dancers appear as the music choosen by the group begins. Dédicace is a performative installation proposing to perform any music style while following specific rules of improvisation.

The 3 x 3 meter space in which the performers improvise is a place of total exploration. Whether it is a garage, a classroom, a living room or even a laundry room, Dédicace is a project for all terrains.
Dédicace offers a playful access to contemporary dance through a very simple idea. The spectators are at the centre of the process as they project the dancers into a universe of their own.
This dance-jukebox marathon takes place over several hours, and at the sight of the exhausted duo, a single question occupies the audience: "Do you want to take a break or can I play another one?"

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