Farewell Body

Artistic Team

  • Performance and choregraphy:
  • Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton
  • Substitute performer:
  • Catol Teixeira
  • Video:
  • Lucien Monot
  • Light design:
  • Gautier Teuscher
  • Scenography:
  • Valentin Dubois
  • Music:
  • Gautier Teuscher
  • Costumes:
  • Marie Bajenova
  • Photographer:
  • Gregory Batardon
  • Length: 50 minutes

“ This is that an uncanny effect is often and easily produced when the distinction between imagination and reality is effaced […] when a symbol takes over the full functions of the thing it symbolizes ”

— Sigmund Freud | The “Uncanny”

The “uncanny valley” is a scientific term used in robotics to qualify the psychological reaction of rejection that a human being can undergo in the presence of an android. The more a bionic body seems similar to ours, the more its imperfections appear monstrous. Farewell Body, the first choreographic piece by Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton, attempts to infiltrate this valley. An embodied avenue of research to express the natural through the mechanics of the artificial; a metamorphosis that rethinks the body as a marvellous machine and thus provokes the uncanny, that strangeness resembling us.

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