Artistic Team

  • Performance and choregraphy:
  • Pierre Piton
  • Fashion Design/Costumes/Performance:
  • Marie Bajenova
  • Music/Performance:
  • Simone Aubert
  • Light design:
  • Marek Lamprecht
  • Dramaturgy/Movement research:
  • Romane Peytavin
  • External eye:
  • Lucia Gugerli
  • Dramarturgical production support Tanzhaus:
  • Jessica Huber

“ We must learn to be at home in the quivering tension of the in-between. No other home is available. In-between nature and culture, in-between biology and philosophy, in-between the human and everything we ram ourselves up against, everything we shield ourselves from, everything we throw ourselves into, wrecked and recklessly, watching, amazed, as our skins become thinner ”

— Hydrofeminism, Astrida Neimanis

For Open/Closed, Pierre Piton has taken his inspiration from lichens – composite organisms resulting from the symbiosis of three different and interdependent biological partners – and offers a space where the individual body fades away in favour of the ecosystem of an interconnected being. The boundaries of the self fade away in favour of an experience of another order, that of metamorphosis, where the body coincides with that of the other and is defined in a continuum between past and future organisms. This utopian morphology then becomes a sensory vector in resonance with the space, the audience and all sorts of creatures.

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